At Dimples, we use natural hair to make realistic looking eyebrows for clients with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. 
The hair is first colored and then each natural hair is individually injected into a thin polyurethane base. The hair insertions are done with great care to create the most natural looking spacing around the edges, while also creating a gradual density. This makes the perfect add-on accessory to complete your look. 

The greatest asset of Dimples Natural Eyebrows, is that they give “dimension”.  Tattoos are flat, however, Dimples Natural Eyebrows add dimension to your profile.


Eyebrow Application/Removal


Dimples Eyebrow Facts

  • Made of Natural Hair
  • Dyed to the colors you see
  • Each hair is individually injected into a Polyurethane base
  • Each pair of eyebrows will last up to 4-5 months, with proper care.  They can be washed and re-used many times
  • Dimples eyebrows must be bonded on
  • With Dimples Glue, bonded, they can last 1-4 days, depending on dryness of client’s skin
  • Do not use tape
  • Do not color: use a pencil instead
  • They flourish under creativity with makeup (use makeup around the edges)
  • They can be cut and re-shaped with a sharp knife
  • Great if client has tattoos—it makes it easier to line up when applying
  • Recommend two pairs per customer
  • Recommend choosing a color slightly darker than the client’s hair
  • Dimples Eyebrow Glue is a water based co-polymer.
  • Stronger glues can be used, it all depends on how comfortable you are with long lasting glue
  • When showering, do not put face directly under hot water—this could warm the glue and loosen the bond, eyebrows can come off
  • Do not swim in the sea or in a chlorinated pool or hot tub—the color may fade, or they may come off.
  • Watch the Dimples Eyebrow videos
  • Post the videos on your website, Facebook, send out email blasts to your customers with the videos
  • Create a complete alopecia make over for a fixed price: Hair, cut, color, makeup, eye lashes, and eyebrows
  • We also have an Eyebrow Color Ring

Eyebrow Suggested items for applying, cleaning and removal:

1-2 pairs of Dimples Eyebrows

5 ½ oz Dimples eyebrow glue bottles

Eyebrow color ring


Olive oil or warm soapy water for removing and cleaning

Rubbing Alcohol for cleaning (an option)

Cotton swabs

Dimples Eyebrows Application / Removal


  • Prepare the skin with an alcohol soaked Q-Tip.
  • Wipe both skin and back of eyebrow
  • Apply a layer of Dimples glue and allow to dry.


  • Once the glue has dried you will now apply them to your face
  • Pick up the eyebrows by the hair with a pair of tweezers
  • Apply from the inside corner to the outside edge
  • Firmly press the eyebrows after they are applied.


  • You can apply makeup to the eyebrows to give a more defined look
  • With either an eyebrow pencil or powder line under the eyebrow
  • You can also do the same on the top.


  • After 2-3 days your eyebrows will start to lift away from your skin
  • With a Q-Tip and either a glue remover or olive oil gently glide the saturated Q-Tip under the eyebrow to remove it.
  • You will then clean the eyebrow with the glue remover or hot water and shampoo.


Dimples Natural Eyelashes. High quality natural hair eyelashes in brown and black, quality control checked one pair at a time. Pairs and individual Eyelashes.

0.5 oz waterbased copolymer

0.5 oz waterbased copolymer