Dimples European Hair Root Coloring

The video shows the correct tools to use, what color to use and how to apply color to the root without staining the French Top.

We used a Dimples Michelle Silver European Hair wig to color.  The Michelle has a French Top, which gives it the most natural looking part.  The knots are invisible and there are no return hairs.  However, coloring with a French Top can be tricky.  It's easy to stain a French Top when coloring.  In this video we detail, what to use, and how to avoid staining the French Top.

So what if your client has tanned skin, and the French top color doesn't match their natural scalp?

It's possible to use coffee to stain the French Top to a darker shade to match darker skin tones.  

One more thing, there's no need to add milk or sugar, our French Tops are sweet enough :)