Amazing things that happened at the show:

The introduction of the new Dimples Collette Top Extension in Silver European Hair by Collette Peterson and Dimples.
1. Collette of La Jolla got to do an amazing live demo root color, cut in, and bond on hair, of the new Dimples Collette Top Extension in our class
2. Desiree of La Jolla got to do a live demonstration of how to bond Dimples Natural Hair Eyebrows on our lovely Nicole of Madeline's Hair Replacement
3. James Todd got to meet many new faces and talk about the various new private Dimples education classes that will be coming to your location (see below for details).
4. The Dimples story got refined into one line: "Boy meets girl...with Dimples."
5. James Todd and Terrel of the AHLC, led by Bobby Russel--ushered a rogue snake from the beach party dinner back into the wild.

Dimples Continuing Education Certifications

1. Dimples Natural Hair 1.0--learn in great detail about how Dimples Bronze, Silver, and Gold hair is sourced, processed, colors, bases, competitive advantages, tools for consultations and much more.  Vital knowledge for consultations for new and experienced to natural hair.  In your location.  Contact for dates and more details
2. Dimples Natural Hair 2.0: Attachments--learn hands on in your location several attachment methods in detail, including bonding on hair.  Contact for dates and more details.  Starting in June.
3. Dimples Natural Hair 3.0: Coloring Dimples different hair qualities up and down. Coming soon.
4. Dimples Natural Hair 4.0: Customizing hand tied wig bases and extra large stock top extension bases--to create the perfect contour from Dimples stock pieces. Coming soon.

All classes are approximately 6-8 hrs long.