Boy meets girl... with



After my father told me about how he came up with the name Dimples I was blown away. My father the stoic business man, I never thought that many years ago: he met a girl, fell in love, had his heart broken, then found himself, and our company Dimples.  

The above one liner of the story came to me one night last week while I was in Florida.  I woke up in my hotel room and it just came to me.  I was exhibiting our company and our new education program at the American Hairloss Council Conference.  I always tell our story to everyone I meet in the industry.  But, that night, I found the holy grail, to be able to tell our story in one line!

Every business has a story.  It's the story that makes the business real, nostalgic, and something that we can connect with on a personal level.

I challenge you to come up with your story, in one line.