Let Go

P: “I have alopecia universalis. I am very active and I need a full wig that will not come off if I go running, snowboarding, or dancing, etc. I also need the wig to breathe, to not be so hot, and to feel comfortable for all day wearing.”

S: The Let Go Wig Cap is a revolutionary concept by Dimples that was inspired, tested, and approved by a young lady with alopecia universalis. The Let Go Wig Cap gives you the freedom to feel utterly and completely secure. The Let Go Wig Cap comes in two styles: Liv in our BronzeCollection and Ava in our Silver Collection.



P: “I need a wig with a clean and believable, but strong, lace front.”
S: All of the wigs in our Bronze Collection have lace fronts. In our Silver Collection, Michelle and Ava have lace fronts.


P: “I’m a hair junkie. I want a lot of hair, and it must be long. I also want the option to have my own signature style cut in. Which wig is right for me?”
S: Adele from our Bronze Collection was made for the hair junkie, or for the stylist who wants to cut his/her own creation.


Top Pieces

P: “I’m new at this…I’ve never worn a top piece or wig, but I need a little more density on top. I have hair, I just want more.  But, I don’t want to wear a wig or anything obvious. And I want to be able to take it on and off by myself, when I want.”
S: Lacey in our Bronze Collection is a great top piece for newbies. The light to medium density, the small base size, the 14” hair length, and the extremely adaptable contour looks and sits flatter and is more discreet than most top pieces. Also see Collette in our Silver Collection.


P: “I want a top piece that I can use as a bang piece or a small filler.”
S: Joy from our Bronze Collection is a great bang piece and also works as a filler.


P: “I need a top piece with 18” of hair length with lots of density that I can clip in.”
S: Sammy from our Bronze Collection comes in 18” with clips.


P: “I need a Lace based top piece that I can bond with, that will not tangle, and that will not rip apart.”
S: Collette from our Silver Collection is designed to sit extremely flat and it’s bondable with thin PU sections.


P: “I am so tired of hair tangling, knotting, and matting with bondable and graftable top pieces.”
S: Sammy and Sammy XL in our Bronze Collection have been processed in a way to help avoid tangling and matting. Sadie, Sadie XLJessie, and Colette in our Silver Collection have full cuticles in tact with all the hair running in the same direction to help avoid tangling and to last longer.


P: “I love the Lacey but I need something with a larger base as I’m thinning more and more.”
S: Lacey XL is the next level up. With more hair density and a larger base, it provides more coverage.


P: “I love the Sammy but I need something with a larger base. I have a greater area of hair loss.”
S: Sammy XL has a larger base, with 14” of hair and a cutaway section so that you can customize the size of the base.


P: “I love the Sammy XL. I want the same solution but with European hair.”
S: Jessie from our Silver Collection has exactly the same hair length and base size as Sammy XL.



P: “I need a really comfortable wig cap.”
S: The Feather Cap and the Let Go Wig Cap are our most comfortable. The Michelle in Versa Fit and Sure Fit are some other great options.


By Collection

P: “I want better hair quality top pieces and wigs but can’t afford them.”
S: Our Bronze Collection was designed to be a more economical ready to wear experience (minor trimming may be needed) in a wide range of styles including: rooted colors, ombré colors, highlights, low lights, blends, and solid colors.


P: “I need hair that my stylist can customize the way I want by coloring and cutting. I’m prepared to pay more as I want long lasting results.”
S: Our Silver Collection was made to be customized, with true long layers in 10”, 12” and 14” and with a good amount of density. Colors are arranged in a way to give you an open palette, so that you can low light, root, or on some pieces, highlight as you seem fit (always test a strand first before coloring—we do not guarantee outcomes; coloring is based on your stylist’s experience and we can only give suggestions). For even higher quality, our Gold Collection can handle more coloring options (since hair is virgin, there are limited colors and lengths available).


P: “I need a wig and top piece ready to go in a rooted blond color with highlights and low lights.”
S: Our Bronze Collection has many rooted colors with low light and highlights that are ready to go (it depends if you want a light blond, medium blond, dark blond, ashy blond, warm blond, etc.). Color options include: Almond Roast Rooted, Toffee Crème Rooted, Roasted Vanilla Caramel Rooted, Vanilla Caramel Rooted, Amber Honey Rooted, and Creamy Vanilla Rooted.


P: “I don’t like how when I part my wig or top piece, people can see the knots if they look really close up at my parting.”
S: Our Silver and Gold Collections have wigs and top pieces with “French Tops” (aka French parts), which simulate a natural scalp. No knots can be seen, since the knots are hidden under a silk top. Another benefit is that there are no return hairs with French Top section pieces.



P: “I have no eyebrows and I need a solution with some dimension so that I look good from my side profile as well as straight on.”
S: Our line of natural eyebrows can be bonded on for up to four days (depending on your skin type). One pair of eyebrows typically lasts for about four months (read here for more information or watch our how-to video). [link x 2]


P: “I want to customize the shape of my eyebrows.” 
S: You can further customize the shape with a sharp knife.


Color Matching

P: “I love the colors for your different collections, but I’m not sure if the colors you have on your website and in your lookbook are accurate. My monitor may be different that yours. How do I get the most accurate way to order the right hair color?”
S: We have color rings available to purchase for both our Bronze and Silver Collections. As the hair quality and region is different for each collection, the hair looks and feels different. There is no color ring available to purchase for our Gold Collection (as it is virgin hair with subtle variations occurring naturally between orders).