Non-surgical makeovers are often centered around a new hair style or a new hair color but all too often, one big detail is overlooked: our eyebrows. Eyebrows are such a minor detail when measured in comparison to the volume and surface area of our hair and facial features but when we have the hair, the makeup, the grooming, but no eyebrows, the transformation isn’t complete. 

There are many ways to make eyebrows. One way is to hand tie each individual hair into a monofilament base. From far away, with enough density, the eyebrows might look somewhat passable.  But, with a closer inspection, the mono base and knots are clearly visible. Also, it’s hard to make smooth, clear edges when using monofilament as the edges tend to fray. Regarding hair types, synthetic hair can be used. But, with synthetic hair, the main problem is in the way the hair lies; the hair often stubbornly stands straight up. 

At Dimples, we use natural hair to make realistic looking eyebrows for clients with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. The hair is first colored and then each natural hair is individually injected into a thin polyurethane base. The hair insertions are done with great care to create the most natural looking spacing around the edges, while also creating a gradual density. This makes the perfect add-on accessory to complete your look. 

Everything You Need to Know about Dimples Eyebrows

Q: Do you have a video showing how to put them on, take them off, and apply makeup?
A: Yes, see here. [link]

Q: How long will my natural eyebrows last?
A: With proper care, they can last approximately four months (and possibly longer).

Q: How do they attach to my skin?
A: By using a safe glue, you can bond the eyebrows to your face. Dimples has a glue that is specially formulated for eyebrow adhesion. [Insert Read More button thank links to text in full]

Q: Can I use eyelash glue?
A: No, we do not recommend using eyelash glue; it most likely not be strong enough.

Q: How long will the bond last?
A: It depends on the glue, how many layers of glue, how much you sweat, how dry or oily your skin is, and how often you go into hot water. If you use a light, water-based co-polymer (like Dimples eyebrow glue), with moderately oily to dry skin, you can get 2-4 days until you need to re-bond. Some of our clients, using a much stronger glue, have had the eyebrows attached for two weeks and longer. We recommend testing the glue first prior to application close to the eyes.

Q: Can I bond the eyebrows myself?
A: Yes, with proper direction from a hair specialist, or after seeing our how-to video here. [link]

Q: What is the procedure for bonding?
A: Bond as you would attach a hair system or top piece: sterilize the target area on the face, the rear of the eyebrows, and your hands. With a fine brush, put a layer of bonding glue on the back of the naked Polyurethane area of the eyebrows, then quickly put a layer on the face in the desired area.  After the glue has turned from white to transparent (about 5-7 minutes), gently collect the eyebrows with tweezers and then press them down against your face with a Q-tip.  More layers of glue can be used to prolong the bond.

Q: Can I color my eyebrows?
A: Yes, but only with a pencil. We don’t recommend using permanent coloring.

Q: Can I swim in the pool or go to the beach with my eyebrows?
A: Both are possible, but we do not recommend either. The chemicals from the pool and the salt water could lessen the life. Also, if they are not bonded on properly, they may come loose.

Q: I have tattooed my eyebrows, but I want more density and different options for shape and color. Can I use these eyebrows?
A: Yes, in fact, since you have tattoos for eyebrows, that will make it easier to line up the natural eyebrows to your face for bonding.

Q: How many styles and colors do you have?
A: We currently have five styles that come in five colors (black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, and extra light brown).

Q: Can I customize the shape?
A: Yes, with a sharp knife.