Dimples Bronze Collection Adele Custom Colored

Adele from the Dimples Bronze Collection Custom Colored from the original color Creamy Vanilla Rooted to this amazing, creative, Balayage masterpiece by William Collier Design"

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Dimples Behind The Scenes Day 2

We are happy to present to you, 

Dimples Inside Look Day 2.

We are glad to have you with us to experience Dimples journey. 

Let Go!

Introducing to you our teaser video for our new revolutionary design: 

The Let Go Wig Cap. LET GO! 

And don't forget to turn up the volume!

Have You Seen The Root Coloring In Collette?

Collette Top Extension color P101 root colored, with the timer on! We'll be cutting the lace back next. 

Hands on train coming to your location with Collette Peterson,

are you ready?

The Making Of Let Go!

We are taking you behind the scenes of our LET GO video.
Volume up and enjoy... 

Dimples at the American Hair Loss Council 2017

                     Amazing things that happened at the show:

The introduction of the new Dimples Collette Top Extension in Silver European Hair by Collette Peterson and Dimples.
1. Collette of La Jolla got to do an amazing live demo root color, cut in, and bond on hair, of the new Dimples Collette Top Extension in our class
2. Desiree of La Jolla got to do a live demonstration of how to bond Dimples Natural Hair Eyebrows on our lovely Nicole of Madeline's Hair Replacement
3. James Todd got to meet many new faces and talk about the various new private Dimples education classes that will be coming to your location (see below for details).
4. The Dimples story got refined into one line: "Boy meets girl...with Dimples."
5. James Todd and Terrel of the AHLC, led by Bobby Russel--ushered a rogue snake from the beach party dinner back into the wild.

Dimples Continuing Education Certifications

1. Dimples Natural Hair 1.0--learn in great detail about how Dimples Bronze, Silver, and Gold hair is sourced, processed, colors, bases, competitive advantages, tools for consultations and much more.  Vital knowledge for consultations for new and experienced to natural hair.  In your location.  Contact for dates and more details
2. Dimples Natural Hair 2.0: Attachments--learn hands on in your location several attachment methods in detail, including bonding on hair.  Contact for dates and more details.  Starting in June.
3. Dimples Natural Hair 3.0: Coloring Dimples different hair qualities up and down. Coming soon.
4. Dimples Natural Hair 4.0: Customizing hand tied wig bases and extra large stock top extension bases--to create the perfect contour from Dimples stock pieces. Coming soon.

All classes are approximately 6-8 hrs long.

Before and After Dimples Eyebrows and Eyelashes.

Chelsea before and after shot with Dimples Natural Eyebrows and Eyelashes. She`s also wearing Michelle Sure Fit hand tied silicone cap. She loves styling her hair up with this cap. 

Dimples Natural Eyebrows

Introducing Dimples Natural Eyebrows...

The videos show how to: Prepare, Apply, Add Makeup and Remove Dimples Natural Eyebrows.


Dimples European Hair Root Coloring Videos

Dimples European Hair Root Coloring

The video shows the correct tools to use, what color to use and how to apply color to the root without staining the French Top.

We used a Dimples Michelle Silver European Hair wig to color.  The Michelle has a French Top, which gives it the most natural looking part.  The knots are invisible and there are no return hairs.  However, coloring with a French Top can be tricky.  It's easy to stain a French Top when coloring.  In this video we detail, what to use, and how to avoid staining the French Top.

So what if your client has tanned skin, and the French top color doesn't match their natural scalp?

It's possible to use coffee to stain the French Top to a darker shade to match darker skin tones.  

One more thing, there's no need to add milk or sugar, our French Tops are sweet enough :)

The holy grail--the story in one line

The holy grail--the story in one line

Boy meets girl... with



After my father told me about how he came up with the name Dimples I was blown away. My father the stoic business man, I never thought that many years ago: he met a girl, fell in love, had his heart broken, then found himself, and our company Dimples.  

The above one liner of the story came to me one night last week while I was in Florida.  I woke up in my hotel room and it just came to me.  I was exhibiting our company and our new education program at the American Hairloss Council Conference.  I always tell our story to everyone I meet in the industry.  But, that night, I found the holy grail, to be able to tell our story in one line!

Every business has a story.  It's the story that makes the business real, nostalgic, and something that we can connect with on a personal level.

I challenge you to come up with your story, in one line.

Introducing the Dimples Collette Top Extension

A collaboration between Dimples and Collette Peterson of La Jolla Hair Replacement.  The Dimples Collette Top Extension is made to be versatile yet highly customizable.

With our Dimples Silver European Hair, Dimples certified stylists can custom color (see Dimples Education to learn more about coloring Dimples pieces).  

Above pictures taken on an Iphone 7 right after custom coloring a Dimples Collette in color P101.  A dark root color was added, then the hair was blown out and styled with a flat Iron, by Collette Peterson of La Jolla Hair Clinic.


The base of this topper is form fitting.  It has a supple, contoured base that will lay extremely flat (similar to the Dimples Lacey from the Bronze Remy Hair Collection). The Collette topper also has a glass thin Polyurethane perimeter which adds more attachment options: clip in, micro link, semi-permanent bond, or semi-permanent bond on hair.  The custom sizable lace front is actually a Swiss lace front from Switzerland.  Customizable in so many ways, without ever the need to dart or re-shape the contour, the Collette topper can be worn and attached in so many ways.

Eyebrows Questions and Answers

                                                                          Eyebrow Questions & Answers

P: “I have no eyebrows and I need a solution with some dimension so that I look good from my side profile as well as straight on.”
S: Our line of natural eyebrows can be bonded on for up to four days (depending on your skin type). One pair of eyebrows typically lasts for about four months.

P: “I want to customize the shape of my eyebrows.” 
S: You can further customize the shape with a sharp knife.

Dimples Natural Hair Education 1.0 for Retailers

Dimples Natural Hair Education 1.0 for Retailers

Introducing Dimples Natural Hair Education 1.0
       With Dimples Natural Hair Education you will:

  • Receive one full day of education, for your entire staff at your location with no travel fees or training fees
  • Training from Educators with multiple years in the industry
  • Learn about Remy Hair, European Hair, Virgin and European Hair—how we find it, buy it, work with it, and make our wigs and top extensions. 
  • Receive Dimples Training Manuals for each staff member present at the training class—the most in depth training manual, with over 70 pages
  • Receive the vital tools and cheat sheets for your consultation rooms—which will help you be more efficient during consultations
  • Learn what Dimples products will help grow the value and profitability of your business—based on your “business focus”
  • Detailed Product Knowledge on Dimples products in three different natural hair qualities: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
  • Detailed information and direction for Dimples Natural Eyebrows and wet line
  • Provoke new enthusiasm in your staff
  • Find new solutions for existing clients
  • Learn how to attract new customers from other market segments: Fashion, Chemo, Alopecia, and natural hair loss
  • See all products and all colors in all three hair qualities
  • Learn why European hair is less work for you and your clients
  • Receive personalized certifications for each staff member present for the training

    Requirements to Receive Dimples Training
  • Book Dimples Education at least 1 month in advance
  • Qualifying stock order of Dimples items prior to class (contact for more info)
  • Salon must be closed with no walk-ins or appointments, for entire day.
  • Class can take approximately 6 hours, including lunch and break.

    You can apply online: www.dimplesUSA.com or you can call us on  800 327 7100.

We are making some noise!

"Dimples can now be seen on the  Alopecia forum AlopeciaWorld.com. We're making some noise!  All "consumer" inquiries recieved will be passed on to our loyal Dimples retailers."

Have You Seen Eyebrow Replacements?

Changed your eyebrows lately?
Ever wondered what it would be like to have the freedom of choice?

A Pair of Dimples Natural Eyebrows last 4-5 months! They complete the package for your total Alopecia makeovers.

See below the latest Eyebrow Replacement article by Dimples,  featured in the American Hairloss Council's "The Link" magazine:

Dimples Bronze Collection New Grey Color.

Introducing our newest grey color to the Dimples Bronze Collection: 
Dark Chocolate Silver (250). 

Dark Chocolate Silver has a base color of Dark Brown (2) with 50% Grey.
The Grey Hair Content is half High Heat Synthetic Fiber and half dyed natural Remy Hair. 

We also have two more grey colors on our Dimples Natural Hair color ring: Color 220, and color 270.  So no we have three different shades of Grey tones, from dark to light grey.  We carry these colors in our stock wig styles: Ashley and Hope St.  We also carry these grey colors in stock top extensions: Lacey, Lacey XL, and Joy